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An Inspection on Organic VS Non-Organic Foods

Here some thoughts on organic versus non-organic foods.

Market Development

Personal health and environmental reasons are the primary reasons for the demand for organic food and the US has experienced the growth of organic food sales since the year 2000. The results of the 2014 Organic Survey released by the United States Department of Agriculture shows that the sold products by 14,093 organic farms generated $5.5 billion in organic products in 2014. This is an increase of 72 percent since 2008. Additionally, approximately 39 percent of the organic farms report that they intend to increase organic production over the next five years. Other farms with no current organic production are in the middle of transitioning into organic agriculture production.

In the UK. individuals are gobbling up all-natural food by the bushel. In accordance with the Organic Centre, UK, direct sale of organic food through safety methods, farmers markets, and farm stores grew by over a 3rd to 144 million throughout and these figures have continued to improve as customers become increasingly concerned about the long-term results of the fertilizer and pesticides used on crops developed by non-all-natural farms. While a lot of people agree that all-natural food is preferable over non-all-natural, a debate has started about the source of organic foods.

In Germany 15 years ago, you only could buy organic foods, besides at a natural farm shop, at health food store. Nowadays, you will find sections with organic foods in every supermarket, fresh and dry.

Is Imported Organic Food As Desired As Local Organic Food?

organic food - storeThose on one side of the argument insist it does not matter where organic food is grown, instead, the crucial factor is the food meets stringent standards to make sure that it is really organic. Supporters say that you could find organic food at a natural farm shop, or organize for all-natural food delivery right to your door. You may also find organic fish, like organic trout from a natural fish farm. There, the all-natural trout might live in 400 years old spring water and eat natural shrimp which comes from all-natural watercress beds.

People who favor importing all-natural food point out that the organic farm shop may only have periodic foods, which greatly restrict the selections consumers have when preparing meals. Imported all-natural food, they say, retains its exceptional nutritional quality while providing a plentiful number of vegetables and fruits. Obviously, take the middle ground, which chooses to organic food - scarecrow in gardenchoose their foods from a natural farm shop when what they want is just in season and shop for imported all-natural food the rest of the year. People might differ in their opinions about whether to restrict one’s use of all-natural food to that grown locally, but practically everybody agrees that organic fruits, organic veggies, all-natural fish, and all-natural meats are preferable to these, which are grown with chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides or genetically manipulated.

What You Get When Consuming Non-Organic Food?

non-organic food - spraying planeCurrently, non-organic growers are allowed to use over 1, 000 chemicals on crops. This results in soil erosion due to over agriculture to dangerous toxicity runoff into our drinking water. Growing food naturally is just a way to reverse this trend. With over 700, 000 hectares devoted to UK organic food, farmers are attempting to meet consumer demand.

But Organic Food Is So Expensive!

You will be astonished to find out that you will eat a lot fewer amounts if the food is full of nutrients. When I started with organic food for the sake of my children’s health, I confronted that I was going to spend a lot more money than before – but to my astonishment – it turned out to be the same or even less. This fact was attributable to the faster satisfaction of the body, the longer lasting of the feeling of satiety and the less needed snacks in between meals.  This also caused less weight gain.


Even if you are healthy, it is obvious that consuming non-organic food is a burden on your body. The liver has to deal with a lot of additional toxins due to the add-ons by the farmers – not to mention the permanent intake of hormones and antibiotics when consuming meat that originates from non-organic farms as also these animals are being fed with non-organic fodder (at its best). Growing the crops and relying on the fertilizers, insecticides etc. make the farmers blind for the depletion of the soil which in return leaves the vegetables and fruit with less and less nutrition.  Many naturopathic physicians recommend eating the fruits and vegetables of the season as the variety will supply the body with different nutrients all year around. Therefore, I believe in organic local foods for meals in general when considering Eating Healthy.

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