What Are The Causes Of Extreme Tiredness After Eating?

Many of us have experienced an extreme tiredness after eating at one time or another.

As a baby, it is totally normal to sleep after eating. The baby’s duty is to eat, digest and grow. While sleeping the baby uses the nutrition to building up new cells.

For grown ups, it is a similar process. But we do not need to build the body we “only” need to maintain it.

Extreme Tiredness - tired personWhen eating food the body needs to go to work and digest the food. There are many actions necessary like creating digestive acid and alkaline solutions. If the body is functioning perfectly, how it should, then there may be no or just a little slump after a meal. Keep in mind that when you are sick you need a lot more sleep to help recovery.

If the body’s health is compromised in one way or the other than you may experience extreme tiredness after eating.

Causes Of Extreme Tiredness After Eating

If your body is not at its full potential and your digestive system is ailing then you will experiences extreme fatigue after eating.

This can occur due to foods your body is allergic to. Foods that need more work from the body to break it down or too much food.

The problem mainly boils down to the body fighting whatever it cannot normally handle be it something it is allergic to or the amount is hard to handle. In a normal digestive process, there should not be any need for the body to fight food.

What You Can Do

1) Observe after what kind foods you get extremely tired.

2) Fully eliminate them from your diet or only eat them when it does not matter that you get tired but remember your body does not do well with this food.

3) Your digestive system is not functioning the way it should and therefore needs some attention.

4) Your body cells are already overloaded with toxins and having to handle additional matters may just be too much for the body at this point. Therefore, you might want to consider to follow a diet that reduces the toxins in your body.

Nowadays, with all the processed foods, eating meals when we are not really hungry, with all the toxins that come with conventional food and with little to no exercises we need to take care of our digestive system.

Do You Have Multiple Health Complaints?

Often we not only encounter an extreme tiredness after eating but have many more health complaints that became “normal” as many people are experiencing them.

Check out the articles about Yeast Overgrowth Candida Overgrowth and the Yeast Infection Symptoms. You may discover that the root of your problem lays in a totally different area.

If you have a yeast problem – locally or throughout the body – your body is fighting on a totally different level.

Many physicians do not consider that a yeast overgrowth might be present as with normal testing this problem does not show up.

If you feel that yeast overgrowth might be your problem – get it tested and start to listen to your body.

Often physicians describe heavy chemicals or the patient decides for over the counter products but keep in mind the yeast already causes a lot of toxins in your body and your kidneys and liver are already overworked if not damaged because of it. Adding more chemicals will be even more burden on your body.

Already with conventional food, we are ingesting antibiotics with milk and meats, pesticides with the fruits and vegetables.

If you have a yeast problem or not, it is never wrong to help your body to get rid of toxins (which let us age faster, rob our energy and often reduce out libido).

In the absence of toxins, we are more energetic, recover faster from illnesses – and do not get sick as often – look younger and have fewer mood swings.

A healthy body is very enjoyable and rewarding.

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